About Polymer Products

Polymer Products was founded in 1971 in Grand Prairie, Texas by Jack Crudup and Bryant Reed. Polymer was formed to service the growing needs of custom molded polyurethane products in the Oil and Gas, Material Handling, General Industrial, and Mining markets.

Through superior material development and a consistent, quality product, PPI grew through the 1980’s and 1990’s into a leader in custom open-cast polyurethane molding. After becoming President in the mid 1990’s, Steve Crudup has continued Polymer Product’s growth well into the 21st century. PPI continues to invest in new capital equipment, infrastructure, and most of all in its employees.

Polymer Products is now on its 3rd building in Grand Prairie, after outgrowing 2 facilities, and having a fire destroy a building in 1992. The current facilities occupy 2 separate manufacturing and finishing areas with enough space to accommodate all sizes and quantities of polyurethane products.

PPI is still privately owned by the Crudup family after 40 years of urethane molding.